Bible Flasks – Its how nuns and priests relax after a long day on their knees. This 4 oz flask hidden in a bible is the perfect way to enjoy chu...


Bible Flask

Just when you thought the Bacon fad was over, in come the BaconKit. To be fair, bacon will never truly become passe because there are few things in ...



Game of Thrones Not Today Necklace

There is only one God and His name is Death, and there is only one thing we say to Death: Not Today. Wise words from Syrio Forel, and great words to l...


Not Today

poop dragon

  This is my worst nightmare come to life, a Poop Dragon. Terrifying villagers with its massive poops and ear splitting cries, the poop dragon is...


Baby Dragon Costumes

Winter is Coming, which can only mean one thing, Game of Thrones is back! Breaking viewing records and kicking ass, Game of Thrones is a gift to the w...


Winter Is Coming

Cylon COasters

  While it might seem somewhat petty to take your revenge on the Cylon this way, one must always take the opportunity for revenge when ever one c...


Cylon Coasters

  If the 3.5 inch floppy disk has a better use than this these days, then I cant think of it. Notepaper encased in a floppy disk still has far less s...


Floppy Notebook

Be it Religious wars, Racism, Sexism, Human beings all over the world seem to be far more occupied focusing on the things that separate us than the t...


The Drunken Botanist

  Well, it might snot be for everyone, but this Birchstone studios Egg Separator is certainly one of the more unique items we have seen in a little w...


Snot a Mug Egg Separator

Belt buckle flask

  Never one to make a joke about getting into a drunk persons pants, i find that this belt buckle flask is the perfect way to get drunk from your p...


Belt Buckle Flask

All the single ladies of the world may now rejoice, the boyfriend pillow is here to keep you company when others cant. Never again shall you know the...


Boyfriend Arm Pillow

The only thing that could possibly be better than a marshmallow gun is a Double Barrelled Marshmallow Gun. The smooth slide pump action combined ...


Marshmallow Gun

  GREENMAN SUIT.   Machine washable, made from 91% Polyester, 9% spandex and 120% awesomeness, this GreenMan suit is the perfect way to danc...



So, Perhaps I am mentally sick and twisted beyond belief. It is possible, I was dropped on my head quite a lot as a child. But when I look at this Bat...


“Psycho” Bloody Bath Mat

It is with great pride that I present to you the single greatest item that any person can have in their home, their very own personal coffee maker. Th...


Personal Coffee Maker

james the doorman

  Let James be forever the perfect gentleman and hold your door open for you.  H emight not look it, but James is Buff! He is made of solid rubber, ...


James the Doorman

  Domo-kun has bunny ears and is ready for Easter eggs. Many Easter eggs. ALL the Easter eggs! Unless they are apple flavored Easter eggs, b...



brandy pipe

Put down your boring old brandy tumblers and drink your Brandy like a gentleman with this ever so suave Brady Pipe. Any Gentleman worth his salt will ...


Brandy Pipe

Who doesn’t love a cranky skull. It worked well in the Dresden Files, which naturally means that it translates well to real life. This Skull B...


Cranky Skull Bottle Opener

This Cast Iron Pig Bacon Grill Press is a godsend for bacon lovers who prefer their bacon nice and flat, rather than curly. This heavy cast iron piggy...


Bacon Press

i love fresh balls

There are few problems that have plagued mankind over the course of human history as dire as the affliction only known as ‘Crotch Rot’, ...


Fresh Balls

emergency mustache set

Never again shall you be in a situation where you are in desperate need of a mustache, but because of lack of foresight or being screwed over by gen...


Emergency Mustache Set

This gorgeous fruit infusion pitcher serves up gorgeous infused water made in your very own kitchen with the greatest of ease. Simply fill the hollow ...


Fruit Infusion Pitcher

Bottle Top Launcher

  This bottle top shooter known as the cap zapper means your enormous collection of bottle caps is no longer simply a testament to your crippling alc...


Bottle-top Launcher

This unique Hard Drive Phone case for iPhone 4 and 4s is sure to get anyone’s attention. This lightweight yet durable case will fit perfect...


Hard Drive Phone Case


Sriracha Lip Balm – Or how to torture someone. When one thinks of lip balm, one does often thinks of painful lips, but usually the Lip Balm is t...


Sriracha Lip Balm

spill not mug holder

  Are you frustrated at your inability to carry a cup of hot liquid ,more than two feet with dropping it. Are you constantly changing clothes b...


Spillnot No-Spill Mug Holder


This Star Wars Bantha Plushie might indeed be a filthy animal according to Mace Windu, but he is still great fun for the whole family! This Star Wa...


Bantha Plushie

Gummy Bears are delicious. Chocolate is Delicious. Delicious + Delicious = Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears. Yes, you would do well to fear my math, ...


Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears


Add some gaming flavour to your breakfast with this Pac Man heat sensitive mug. Just a plain old Pac Man panoramic scene when at room temperature or...


Pac-Man Heat Sensitive Mug

sunny side eggs

  Could the possibly be a better start to the day that some sunshine combined with some eggs, preferably sunny side up. Get it? Cause its an egg mo...


Sunny Egg Ring

  Add some flavour to your babies mouth with this Big Teeth Pacifier. Your baby will absolutely love the attention this dentist approved toothy p...


Big Teeth Pacifier

Bottle Moustache

  Have you ever looked at your beer bottle and thought “This bottle needs something. Something masculine yet ridiculous. Something subtle yet...


Bottle Moustache

joffrey target practice

If anyone in the history of literature needs shooting in the head, it is Joffrey Baratheon. George R. R. Martin certainly has a penchant for creating ...


Joffrey Target Practice

Game of Thrones Lannister Stein

    Stoke the hearth and tap the keg because the Lannisters are in town. This 22 ounce ceramic stein has a rich gold trim and is adorned with th...


Game of Thrones Lannister Steins

Dota 2 Inflatable Donkey Courier

  Fans of Dota will recognise this fragile little fellow instantly. The donkey courier who has spent many an hour bringing me various goods to p...


DotA 2 Inflatable Courier

The-Hand-of-the-King-Pin- Game of Thrones

  In the Game of Thrones, you win or you die, and one can not win without a strong Hand. The Hand of the King is appointed as the kings closest a...


Hand of the King Pin

If you have ever owned a child, then you will be able to see the value of anything that stops them from spreading their food as far and wide as possib...


Spill Proof Bowl

  This is the kind of thing that makes me wish I was just a little bit younger so I could get away with being all hipster and play with this Cybe...


Cyberman Etch-A-Sketch

2013 is the Chinese year of the snake, and it seems fitting that this should be the year to coincide with the American Year of the Shamed Squirrel. T...


Big Head Squirrel Feeder

Unicorn Chopsticvks

Unicorn Chopsticks.  Two words that in my opinion are not used together nearly enough. Unicorn Chopsticks. Isn’t it just magical. Far more...


Unicorn Chopsticks

Death Star Ice Cube Tray

    Your puny cubes no longer amuse me, from now on only spheres shall chill my libations. This two-part ice tray snaps together, and is fil...


Death Star Ice Sphere Mold

Crafting With Cat Hair

Every now and then something comes along that makes me realise that there is so much going on in the world that I am simply not exposed to. Crafting ...


Crafting With Cat Hair

If you are a lover of peanut butter then we recommend that you stay away from this Instant Regret Peanut Butter. Stay well away. The most aptly name...


Instant Regret Peanut Butter

Cat-In-A-Can. Never again shall you be forced to go without a cat for any period of time whatsoever with this all new Cat in a Can. Cat in A Can provi...




The GameKlip nothing short of a pure godsend for mobile gamers. It helps you attach a PS3 DualShock 3 controller to any Android phone. It is a quick a...



People often accuse me of having a dead black heart, and now, I can no longer deny that claim. This handmade anatomical Black Heart looks great and wo...


Black Heart Pencil Holder

Be you English, British, Gallifreyan or Argentinean it matters not, this Union Jack is dead sexy no matter where you are from. Ok, maybe not all Arg...


TARDIS Union Jack

How TO Swear Around The World

In the event that you are planning a trip anywhere around the world this Christmas then this book is for you. Not only so you can identify when the ta...


How To Swear Around The World

This is a very cool little light up Redstone Ore Light comes to us courtesy of  the fun people over at ThinkGeek. As you can probably work out from...


Minecraft Redstone Ore Light

This three pack of Batman glow in the dark panties are some awesomely sexy-cute (What? That’s a word!) but beware, the site from which you get t...


Batman Glow in the Dark Panties

Oh Yeah! This is what my kitchen has been waiting for, a tool to literally make me 5 times faster. Well, a tool to make my herb chopping 5 times faste...


Herb Scissors

Game of Thrones Figurines Gifts

These hyper cute, stylized vinyl figures of some of our favorite characters from George R.R. Martin’s epic story Game of Thrones, are officially...

$11 Each

Game of Thrones Figurines

Book Clock

ITS BOOK TIME. Make your book collection just a little bit more special with this neat and colorful little Book Clock. Made to blend in to your book c...


Book Clock

The Dark Knight

What does The Dark Knight like to do on his day off? Put his feet up, crack one open and hop into his snuggie. This Batman Comfy Throw with sleeves wi...


Batman Snuggie Robe

3d SHark Socks

Foot goes in. Shark bites down. Foot becomes warm. That’s how socks and sharks work. Or, that how sharks work in my fantasy world, where sha...


Shark Socks

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