This gorgeously illustrated DC Encyclopedia lists hundreds and hundreds of  both major and minor DC Comic characters ranging all the way back to ...


DC Comics Encyclopedia

day of the tentacle figurine

What possible harm could one insane, mutant tentacle do? Every tentacle gets his day, and today is the Day of the Tentacle…. day. Day of the Te...


Day of the Tentacle Figurine

zelda belt buckle

    This sexy item right here is an officially licensed Legend of Zelda cast metal belt buckle, a beautiful homage to a wonderful series o...


Legend of Zelda Belt Buckle

mister tea infuser

Doesn’t he look like he is the single most content man in the world? The Mister Tea Infuser from Fred and Friends is the perfect companion for y...


Mister Tea Infuser

stainless steel whiskey stones

  These are hands down the single best set of Whiskey Stones I have ever come across. Stop looking at all the other Stones and Rocks and get a set of...


Stainless Steel Whiskey Stones

Hangover Prevention Patch

Stop hangovers before they start! Wouldn’t that be lovely, to wake up on a Sunday morning not feeling like you just swallowed a packet of san...


Hangover Prevention Patch

This thing is proof that when it comes to usefulness, size is not always important. This tiny Leatherman comes in at just 2.5 inches when it’s...


Leatherman Micro Multitool

Poop Stained Panties

Keep your money hidden is the one place that even crack heads dare to tread. In your shit stained underwear! These skidmarked bloomers are the perfe...


Poop Stained Underwear Wallet

The perfect bar just got a little bit more perfect with this 2 in one Universal Remote Control that doubles as a Bottle Opener. Never again will you s...


Universal Remote and Bottle Opener

Custom Stamps

I don’t know about you, but I have always thought that so many things in life would be immeasurably easier if I was able to carry around a num...


Custom Inspector Stamp Production

Lets get this out of the way immediately. This is not a real pickaxe, this is just a tribute. A foam tribute. Do I feel bad for making a reference th...


Minecraft Pickaxe

The best part of the Dark Knight Rises was Tom Hardy’s portrayal of Bane, the supervillain that put Batman over his knee and gave him a good dar...


Bane Mask

This, this thing right here.Imagine if you will, the touch of an Angel. This Angel has been sent down from heaven with one task and one task only, to ...


Head Massager

Make your Own Guitar Picks! If you have ever experienced the annoyance of not being able to find a pick when you really need one, then you will be h...


Guitar Pick Punch

babvy elvis wig

Are you sick of putting up with the shame of having to take your bald baby out in public? Does your baby often complain about having a cold head? Are ...


Baby Elvis Wig

Clap Trap T SHirt

Greetings Minions! By now I’m sure you have spent plenty of time cruising around Pandora, killing hordes of innocent Bandit bystanders and doi...


Clap Trap T-shirt

classy shot glass

Or, How to Drink Like a Sir. The description on the store page asks only one thing of you, to fill this with whatever cures your ails, be it fruit pun...


Happiness Elixir Shot Glass

big joe wine glass cougartown

Originally living an ordinary life in a thrift store filled with pennies, Big Joe’s true purpose in life wasn’t realised until he was di...


Cougar Town Big Joe Wine Glass

These cool little cups are a great way to start any morning in front of the computer. The recipe is as follows Ctrl- has some salt in it, Alt – ...


Ctrl-Alt-Del Cup Set

8 bit heart belt

8 bits are the coolest bits. I don’t know about you, but to me gaming lost a little bit of its heart and soul when it left the 16 bit era. Mod...


8 Bit Heart Belt

wine bottle cork cage

For those of us who like to save their corks from special bottles of wine, what better place to store them than in a wine bottle. Simply drop them in ...


Wine Bottle Cork Cage

With all the hype over the latest iPhone iteration, I decided that I really wanted to be part of the cool crowd, but I don’t have a spare $500...


$2 App Magnets

Mini donuts in 4 minutes with no deep frying involved whatsoever, where do I sign up? One of the main problems that I have with my store bought donuts...


Mini Donut Maker

Filthy filthy mad libs. That’s what I like. To kill Hitler with a Giant Magical personal Pleasure Device, that’s the reason I get up in th...


Cards Against Humanity

Mexican Wrestler Bottle Opener

Have you ever looked at a bottle and thought to yourself “You know, I really wish I had a little Mexican to wrestle the top off of this for me&#...


Luchador Bottle Opener

Cookin’ With Coolio: 5 Star Meals at a 1 Star Price is proof that you don’t have to be a talented writer to get a book published. This i...


Cookin With Coolio

sound activated tshirt

This has to be one of the more unique shirts I have seen in quite some time. This LED lighting shirt has a a sound activated LED bar on the front of t...


LED Sound Activated T Shirt

Strawberry Stem Remover

  If have a lot of Strawberries to hull and you need to get it done quickly, then this is your dream come true. Strawberry lovers and chefs of th...


Strawberry Stem Remover

floating book shelf

  No house is complete without one element of mystery, one small thing that cannot be easily defined by science, religion, or David Attenborough....


Floating Book Shelf

Evil, pure pure evil. That is what this thing is, the purest of all the evils. What this does is randomly type in letters and number and move the mo...


Phantom Keystroker

  This is the perfect gift for your nerd dad for fathers day. It says ”dad’ in binary. Or, if your dad is not literate in binary, you...


Binary Dad shirt

Why hello there future, what do you have for me today? Oh a roll up USB keyboard, isn’t that nice. This lightweight USB Roll Up Keyboard is ex...


Roll Up Keyboard

 Get the party started with this Spin the Shot party game. Its not rocket science, simply fill the shot glass up, spin that shot, then drink the shot...


Spin the Shot

This is the ultimate DIY guide for geeky dads who want to pass on their geek-hood and knowledge to their kids in a fun and engaging manner. This is pe...


Geek Dad’s Guide to Weekend Fun

Suck half a tablet of this and dissolve it on your tongue and it transform sour foods into sweet ones. Its truly a miracle! Miracle fruit tablets ar...


Miracle Fruit Tablets

unique bookmarks

A great gift idea for anyone who loves books, which really, should be most anyone. These unique bookmarks hook into your book and show off their cool ...


Unique Bookmarks

Ice to see you, so you are planning on Having a Cool Party? Then you will not want to be without ice, and what better ice is there than Bat-Ice ©. I...



It might not look like much, but what you are about to see will change your life forever. Finland obviously has their shit together when it comes to k...



Bring the fun and nutrition of the carnival right into your home! As you can see it cooks 6 corn dogs at a time, but the real power of this incredible...


Corn Dog Maker



Pot Clip

Protect your iPhone in style with this shiny Gameboy Style iPhone 4 4G protective case. This case snaps on to offer all round external shock protectio...


Gameboy iPhone 4 4G Case

Take 16 shots, add 2 balls and what you have is a recipe for a damn good party! You could also add a roulette wheel to that equation for perhaps a m...


Shot Roulette

The bars on the front of this shirt glow dynamically as the strength of the WIFi signal waxes and wanes. What this does see, what it does is quite cle...


Wi-Fi Detecting Shirt

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