glow in the dark plutonium soap

Remove your PU with some Glow in the Dark Plutonium soap. This vegan friendly soap will add an excellent element to any bathroom, an element of pure g...


Glow in the Dark Plutonium Soap

batman wall socket sticker

Add a geeky touch to your wall with this Handmade Batman Wall Socket Sticker. The vinyl sticker can be removed and reused so you can move batman aroun...


Batman Wall Socket Sticker

Commemorate the worst controller ever made the way Mario would have wanted. With Soap. This glorious soap is the same size as original one so you can ...


N64 Controller Soap

Fallout Vault Boy Shirt

Its coming. Fallout 4. To celebrate I am going to be going ham on Fallout shirts and general Merch over the next couple of weeks, starting off with m...


Fallout Vault Boy Shirt

classic video game controller ornaments

If you like these, then be sure to check out our list of 26 Geeky Christmas Ornaments. This year, throw away you traditional Christmas Tree decoration...


Classic Controller Ornaments


  Did your mother ever tell you not to play with your breakfast? What if your morning coffee was the difference between saving the world or allow...


Space Invaders Heat Changing Mug

This is a really unique tie made in the 8 bit gaming style of the early 80’s. He looks sad, but inside I am sure that his is beaming away, danci...

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8 Bit tie

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