Skelton Hand Hair CLips

doot doot   As Halloween approaches all kinds of skeletal stuff has been doing the rounds, but for the first time in a while something pretty fun...


Skeleton Hand Hair Clips

SKull Egg Mold

This Skull egg shaper, dubbed the Egg-a-Matic, is another in a long list of fun and unique items from Fred and Friends. It takes your regular, non ...


Skull Egg Shaper


Sick of working for the dark side, Darth Vader has decided to take this Halloween off to try something different. He is now working for the much larg...


Darth Vader Candy Bowl

Victorian Skeleton Necklace

This Victorian Skeleton Necklace is at first glance nothing more than a distinguished Victorian lady Cameo, but a second glance will reveal a ghouli...


Victorian Skeleton Necklace

walking dead latex zombie mask

Celebrate the return of The Walking Dead to our screens with this 100% latex adult sized zombie mask. This thing is terrifying enough to ensure you ...


Walking Dead Latex Zombie Mask

Weeping Angel Mask

  Dont Blink! This Weeping Angel Mask is the perfect way to terrify young children this Halloween. Provided they are the type of children who wat...


Weeping Angel Mask

Brain Shaped Ice Cubes

These Brain Shaped Ice Cubes trays are the best way to ensure that your Halloween party is the coolest on the block. As you can see the Brain ice tray...


Brain Shaped Ice Cubes

From the people that brought you the completely mental blood bath mat, we have something new splattered with blood for the whole family to enjoy, the ...


Blood Bath Shower Curtain

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