Wake up and feel just a little bit better about the repetitive, soul sucking 9 to 5 trudge by starting the day with these Chibi DC Dinnerware sets, an...


DC Comic Dinnerware Sets

dalek 3d mug

The Daleks. Genetically modified killing machines that have no emotions other than hate, and see themselves as the supreme race of the the entire uni...


Doctor Who Dalek 3D Mug

  Keep the whole family entertained at the dinner table with this unique Calf and Half Double Walled Pitcher with Udders. Because nothing entertains ...


Calf and Half Double Walled Pitcher

Lunch Disguise Sandwich Bags

Ѕurе, уоu соuld dеаl wіth thе реrsоn stеаlіng уоur lunсh bу јust lеаvіng а раssіvе аggrеssіvе nоtе оn thе frіdg...


Lunch Disguise Sandwich Bags

robot tea infuser

This annoying cute Robot Tea infuser is one of the most unique and dare we say it, fun tea infusers we have seen. Trust me when I say that it feels ve...


Robot Tea Infuser

Deep Tea Diver Tea Infuser

Start the day the right way with a nice heady tea. This Deep Tea Diving Helmet tea strainer is based on the classical Meoguri styled diving helmet (yo...


Deep Tea Diving Helmet

Shark Tea Infuser

This wonderfully unique tea infuser is shaped like a shark fin. It has a metal bottom and a rubber fin on top and floats around your tea in an ominous...


Shark Tea Infuser

Strawberry Stem Remover

  If have a lot of Strawberries to hull and you need to get it done quickly, then this is your dream come true. Strawberry lovers and chefs of th...


Strawberry Stem Remover

Imagine if you will, a peaceful lake. Upon the lake sits a family of ducks. Mother duck says “Quack quack quack quack” and all the little ...


Rubber Ducky Tea Infuser

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