mario cappy hat

Step up your odyssey game this winter with this neat Mario Cappy Hat. Throw it at your dog, become your dog. Throw it at your cat, become your cat. Th...


Mario Cappy Hat

zelda house keys

For those of you that are playing The Breath of the Wild on their Wii-U’s, you won’t need this as you would never be leaving your house, ...


Zelda House Key


Who wouldnt want to hang Marios balls on their christmas tree? I am 100% only adding this because the idea of Marios balls makes me laugh like a child...


Marios Balls

Commemorate the worst controller ever made the way Mario would have wanted. With Soap. This glorious soap is the same size as original one so you can ...


N64 Controller Soap

Mario Star Tree Topper

Make your tree invincibly cool this Christmas with this handmade Mario Star Tree Topper. Measuring in at around about six and a half inches wide and ...


Mario Star Tree Topper

Zelda Zippos

  This high quality Zippo Lighter is engraved with the Triforce symbol from everyone’s favorite triangle collecting simulator, The Legend o...


Zelda Zippo’s

Princess Peach Crown Mario Bobby Pins

Add a cute Nintendo touch  to your outfit with these Nintendo Themed Bobby Pins. Each of them is handcrafted with love and care, and you can choose...


Nintendo Styled Bobby Pins

zelda heart container soap1

Restore your Hygiene In a most Hyrulian fashion with some Zelda Heart Container Soaps. These handmade soaps are hypo-allergenic, free of all parabens ...


Zelda Heart Container Soap

These Zelda Heart Container Earrings are the perfect gift for the Zelda fan in your life. Each heart container is about the size of a penny, but the ...


Zelda Heart Container Earrings

Zelda Heart Container Necklace

This hand crafted Zelda Heart Container Necklace is one of those things that if it were it given to me by someone else, I think I would be utterly the...


Zelda Heart Container Necklace


  Fangamer has done the world a favor and released what could quite possibly be the coolest thing this side of Ron Swanson. They have looked down...


Power Mitt


Its-a-Me, Mario! Everyones favorite overweight mustachioed Italian plumber Mario has spent countless hours searching for these candies, through sandy ...


Super Mario Candy Box

N64 USB Controller

Almost 20 years on and the N64 is still regarded by many as one of the best consoles ever. Sadly, almost 20 years on there are few remaining working c...


N64 USB Controller

Gameboy Flask

  The Nerdtendo Gameboze flask is the perfect way for any self respecting geek to hide their liquor. Provided of course that they don’t min...


Gameboy Flask

zelda key holder (2)

We all know that there is nothing more dangerous than leaving your keys at home, forcing yourself to have to break into your own home, getting reporte...


Zelda Key Holder

elda Dictionary Art WindWaker

Dictionary art plus Wind Waker. If that isn’t a winning combination then I don’t know what is. This Wind Waker Dictionary art print meas...


Zelda Dictionary Art

8Bit Super Mario Playing Cards

If you have been hanging out for a crazy flashback to the 80’s, then these 8 Bit Super Mario Playing Cards will set your nostalgia up to 11, and...


8-Bit Super Mario Playing Cards


This Goomba Plush Toy is the cutest thing that has ever killed me, and in return, be killed by me. For a long time when I was a little girl playing Su...



Unique Gifts Nintendo Mushroom Lamps

These mushrooms are guaranteed to brighten up any room, literally. Thats just what lamps do… Simply bonk them on the head to illuminate any give...


Mini Mushroom Lamps

N64 Controller desk Organizer

Gaming really came of age with the N64 era, and happily for masochists everywhere now you never have be without one of the worst controllers of the ag...


N64 Controller Desk Helper

NSE Wallet

  This is a cool little bi-fold wallet in the design of one of the original NES controllers. Anyone with memories of long hours of gaming on the ...


NES Wallet

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