Star Wars

Insert Star Wars Force Strong pun here! Next time you are out in the galaxy destroying planets or whatnot and your phone runs out of juice, never fear...


Darth Vader Charger

star wars bb8 mug

Suck up the power of The Force with your morning beverage with this Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens BB-8 Molded Ceramic Mug. Hand w...


Star Wars BB-8 Mug

Doggy Yoda Hat

This handmade Yoda Hat is the perfect way to dress up and/or humiliate your dog this Star Wars Season. Your fashion conscious pup will feel left out ...


Doggy Yoda Hat

star wars ewok coin purse

Its a little known fact that Ewok skin is amazingly tough but supple, soft and yet still resilient. It is a tightly held secret lest they be hunte...


Ewok Coin Purse

The Dark Side always throws the best parties. They have ample parking for your Tie fighter, they always let the neighbors know early if they are going...


Star Wars Death Star Chip Bowl

Darth Vader Porch Light Cover

Show the world you are a true fan with the Star Wars front porch Light Covers. The above Darth Vader outdoor porch light cover or the below Stormtr...


Star Wars Porch Light Cover

star wars earrings

Star Wars and Fallout 4. That’s all that seems to occupy my mind there days. This post is no different. These hand made Star Wars Rebel earrings...


Star Wars Rebel Earrings


Sick of working for the dark side, Darth Vader has decided to take this Halloween off to try something different. He is now working for the much larg...


Darth Vader Candy Bowl

Admiral Ackbar Toilet Decal

Its a Tra…. No, thats no trap, thats something else entirely. This Star Wars Toilet Decal is approximately 7″w x 10″h. Easy to follo...


Admiral Ackbar Toilet Decal

Star Wars Darth Vader BOttle Opener

Ok, so here’s what I would normally do for an item of this nature, I would sit down and have a bit of a think about some of the most famous quot...


Darth Vader Bottle Opener

STar Wars_hand_towels

There is nothing quite as special as a love that lasts forever and, if George is to be believed, the love between Leia and Han did infact last forever...


Star Wars Hand Towels

Star Trek Starfleet Silicone Ice Cube Tray chocolate

  This Starfleet silicone ice cube tray creates 8 ice cubes (triangles?), but can also be use to mold other types of candies, chocolate, or anyth...


Star Trek Starfleet Ice Cubes

Bobba Fett Pipe

What better way to bring the dark side and the light side together than to sit them down and smoke a peace pipe together. Its hard to hate one another...


Bobba Fett Pipe


With this Self Stirring Star Wars Feel the Force Mug, you will feel just like Darth Vader when you stir the contents of the mug using only your mind&...


Darth Vader Self Stir Mug

star wars nutcrackers

These hand made 10-inch nutcrackers depict some of history’s most famous heroes: Darth Vader, Yoda and R2 D2. Darth Vader is a hero no matter wh...


Star Wars Nutcrackers

Star Wars Death Star Grinder

  My kitchen herbs will now know fear like never before, this Death Star Herb Grinder shall grind my little green herbal enemies into dust. No th...


Death Star Grinder


If you are like me in that you are a heavy Drinking Star Wars fan then you are going to love this R2-D2 Star Wars Bottle Opener. I have always said th...


R2-D2 Star Wars Bottle Opener

Starwars Pancake molds

A long time ago in a kitchen, a fair way away, a young Darth Sous used the Force to create three pancake molds in honor of his favorite galactic hero ...


Star Wars Pancake Molds


This Star Wars Bantha Plushie might indeed be a filthy animal according to Mace Windu, but he is still great fun for the whole family! This Star Wa...


Bantha Plushie

Death Star Ice Cube Tray

    Your puny cubes no longer amuse me, from now on only spheres shall chill my libations. This two-part ice tray snaps together, and is fil...


Death Star Ice Sphere Mold

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