Pet Superhero Costumes

Give your pet the gift of a lifetime this christmas, dress them up as their favorite superhero! Or even your favorite superhero! Easy to put on and pe...


Pet Superhero Costumes

Superman Caped Underwear

Show off your Man of Steel with this fun pair of Superman Caped Briefs. With a Superman logo on the front and a cape on the back, never has a pair of ...


Superman Caped Underwear

Superman Caped Socks

  Let me tell you my dirty little secret. No it is not that once I take my glasses off I suddenly turn into a charmingly handsome superhero from ...


Superman Socks

Superman Apron

Superman never seems to get anything on his costume, he can fly through the sun and come out the other side undies intact, sadly the same can not be s...


Superman Apron

Apart from the fact that Batman doesn’t drink excessively, Superman can’t get drunk and Wonder Woman doesn’t actually wear a ca...


DC Superhero Shot Glasses

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