unusual gifts
Rainy Pot Flower Pot

This Rainy Flower pot is a little flower pot that waters its plant from its very own personal cloud. Simple but neat. This wall mounted pot is a cute...


Rainy Flower Pot

whiskey soaked jerky

Get out of the way All of the Bacon and Eggs, Ron Swanson has a new best friend, Whiskey Soaked Campfire Jerky. This Jerky has been soaked overnight i...


Whiskey Soaked Jerky

Speakeasy Briefs

Never again shall you have to remain boringly sober at your Little League soccer games, art exhibitions, or the inevitable court dates that come from...

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Top 10 Sneaky Flasks

wake up heat sensitive mug

Fred and Friends Wake-Up Heat Sensitive Mug. The heat sensitive ink on the mug responds to hot, steaming coffee. Or tea. Or water. Or anything really,...


Wake Up Heat Sensitive Mug

robot tea infuser

This annoying cute Robot Tea infuser is one of the most unique and dare we say it, fun tea infusers we have seen. Trust me when I say that it feels ve...


Robot Tea Infuser

sound activated tshirt

This has to be one of the more unique shirts I have seen in quite some time. This LED lighting shirt has a a sound activated LED bar on the front of t...


LED Sound Activated T Shirt

Strawberry Stem Remover

  If have a lot of Strawberries to hull and you need to get it done quickly, then this is your dream come true. Strawberry lovers and chefs of th...


Strawberry Stem Remover

floating book shelf

  No house is complete without one element of mystery, one small thing that cannot be easily defined by science, religion, or David Attenborough....


Floating Book Shelf

Evil, pure pure evil. That is what this thing is, the purest of all the evils. What this does is randomly type in letters and number and move the mo...


Phantom Keystroker

  This is the perfect gift for your nerd dad for fathers day. It says ”dad’ in binary. Or, if your dad is not literate in binary, you...


Binary Dad shirt

Why hello there future, what do you have for me today? Oh a roll up USB keyboard, isn’t that nice. This lightweight USB Roll Up Keyboard is ex...


Roll Up Keyboard

 Get the party started with this Spin the Shot party game. Its not rocket science, simply fill the shot glass up, spin that shot, then drink the shot...


Spin the Shot

This is the ultimate DIY guide for geeky dads who want to pass on their geek-hood and knowledge to their kids in a fun and engaging manner. This is pe...


Geek Dad’s Guide to Weekend Fun

Suck half a tablet of this and dissolve it on your tongue and it transform sour foods into sweet ones. Its truly a miracle! Miracle fruit tablets ar...


Miracle Fruit Tablets

Ice to see you, so you are planning on Having a Cool Party? Then you will not want to be without ice, and what better ice is there than Bat-Ice ©. I...



It might not look like much, but what you are about to see will change your life forever. Finland obviously has their shit together when it comes to k...



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