game of thrones heat sensitive mugs

Winter Is Coming!

This cool Game of Thrones heat sensitive mug changes from white to black as it cools down.

This is a perfect gift for anyone who loves Game of Thrones. Hell, this is a cool gift for even people that don’t!

As long as you are a member of house Stark. It only comes with the Dire Wolfs head logo emblazoned upon it, so if you are a Lannister you can continue to drink from your golden chalices, safe in the knowledge that your day will come! Do you hear me Lannister’s? Your day of reckoning is approaching, and no city walls will keep your head from being parted from your shoulders.

I’m sure Ned Stark would approve.

Check it out Here

  • Šárka Sirůčková

    That page doesn’t work, there are no heat sensitive mugs there…?